Michel Special Edition „German Colonies“ 2023

The Study Group of the Collectors of German Colonial Stamps (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Sammler Deutscher Kolonialpostwertzeichen e.V.) has issued in cooperation with the Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH after eight years a 2nd special edition of a Michel Catalogue „German Post Offices Abroad and Colonies”.
This catalogue contains the extracts of the German Post Offices Abroad and the German Colonies from the Michel Germany Specialized Catalogue 2023, also the extracts of these territories from the Michel Postal Stationary Catalogue 2021/224, the colonies out of the Michel Coins of Germany 2023 as well as the various occupation issues from the various Michel Overseas Catalogues.

For the first time, the fiscal stamps of German East Africa and German-South West Africa are included. This listing was compiled by our member Harald Krieg and describes for the first time all known fiscal stamps with all varieties.

In detail the following chapters are included:

    • German Post Offices Abroad and German Colonies
    • German Seapost
    • Fiscal stamps of German East Africa and German South-West-Africa
    • German Post Offices Abroad and German Colonies Postal Stationary
    • German Colonies Coins
    • N.W. Pacific Islands
    • Nyasaland Field Force
    • Tanganyika G. E. A. overprints
    • Mafia Island
    • Kionga
    • Belgium occupation of German East Africa
    • South African occupation of German South-West-Africa
    • French occupation of Cameroon
    • British occupation of Cameroon
    • Japanese occupation of the Marshall-Islands
    • Australian occupation of Nauru
    • New Zealand occupation of Samoa
    • French occupation of Togo
    • British occupation of Togo

    This catalogue contains 180 pages which are summarizing the German Colonies in all aspects and will be a perfect combination with our Postmark Catalogue.
    The catalogue can be ordered through the member’s secretary: Tilmann Nössig Koppenstr. 16 D-10243 Berlin eMail: Geschaeftsfuehrer@kolonialmarken.de
    The cost is € 29.- (members € 25.-) + € 4 international postage.

    New release on May 25, 2023!