Deutsche Briefmarkenrevue

Members of the ArGe published about the various colonies and post offices abroad an extensive series of articles in the German stamp magazine Deutsche Briefmarken-Revue (DBR). The below mentioned territories were covered. We are grateful to the editor of the DBR for providing the articles to us for publication. This series is only available in German language.

To read an article, just click on the territories’ name. 


TerritoryAuthorsPublished in Volumes
German PO in ChinaDr. Hansjürgen Kiepe
Thomas Knell
German PO in Turkey
Orient Express
Ute Dorr
Elmar Dorr
German PO in MoroccoDr. Dietrich Rauchenberger
Dr. Peter Provinsky
Dr. Hansjürgen Kiepe.
German New GuineaDr. Hansjürgen Kiepe
Dr. Peter Provinsky
German East AfricaFrank Grieshaber
Dr. Hansjürgen Kiepe
Olaf Halle
German South West AfricaDr. Hansjürgen Kiepe
Heinz Peter Wenzel
CameroonCarsten Brekenfeld02/2013-08/2014
KiautschouDr. Hansjürgen Kiepe
Manfred Knieper
Marshall IslandsDr. Hansjürgen Kiepe08/2022-12/2023
SamoaWolfgang Hermann10/2014-08/2016